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Hello and welcome to our store!

Since 1949, when my parents opened the first Friedman’s Army Navy Store on 4th Avenue in downtown Nashville, the Friedman family and employees (some of whom have been with us for over 30 years) are known for providing durable seasonal clothing, quality outdoor gear, and expertise to Nashville and Middle Tennesseans who work and/ or play outdoors.

Starting as a small Army Navy Store in downtown Nashville, my father quickly realized that outdoor sports and recreation such as fishing, camping, and hunting were popular with not only the soldiers returning home from World War II and Korea, but also the general population. The downtown store quickly became too small to hold enough clothing and equipment to meet demand.

In 1952, my parents opened the second Friedman’s Army Navy Store at 2617 Nolensville Rd. (the current location of LaHacienda Restaurant) with enough space to carry traditional military goods, as well as extensive fishing, hunting, hiking and camping supplies as well as workwear, outerwear, and other general clothing items.

Eventually, the downtown store was closed and the Nolensville Road store doubled in size; then, in 1972, our current location at 2101 21st Avenue, South (built as a Kroger Superstore in 1952) became available. The size and location were perfect for a second location of what had become the go to place for outdoor sports and recreation—not to mention those two staples of the 1970's and '80's—Levis Jeans and Duckhead khakis.

For about 30 years, there were multiple locations in various parts of town, but the 21st Avenue location was always the most popular and centrally located store. Somewhere around the turn of the century, with the proliferation of big box stores, factory outlet stores and the new kid on the block—Internet sales—we decided to consolidate everything into our Hillsboro Village Store where we have been in operation since 1972.

If you are going outdoors for any reason in any season, even just from the car into the store and back, Friedman’s has something that you can use.


So maybe you're asking yourself, "Why should I invest my personal time coming to Friedman’s when I can get a lot of the stuff in the internet?" While it is true that you could buy outdoor gear and clothing on the internet, shopping at Friedman’s is an experience.

First of all, you never know what you might find on our shelves that "is exactly what I've been looking for" or "that will work perfectly for...." and we are constantly acquiring military surplus clothing, boots and gear, most of which goes out about as fast as it comes in.

Second, we don't just sell outdoor clothing and equipment, we explain how to use it and match your needs and level of interest with the gear and clothing we recommend to you, and if you just want to be left alone to roam the aisles, that's cool too—we're around to answer a question or find a size when you're ready. If you are new to the area and are looking for recommendations as to where to fish, hike or camp, we do that too as well as recommend restaurants, give directions or, if your time permits, have a conversation about whatever.

Third, you never know who you might see in Friedman’s. Local celebrities have always shopped at our store (going back to Brenda Lee when I was a youngster) to a lot of the current stars who either live here or are in town working. In addition, Friedman’s customers tend to be friends and tend to run into each other in the store which serves as an impromptu den used for conversation and catching up. And for the month of October, we become the best Halloween shop in town. While there are always the old favorites such as Top Gun, MASH, Indiana Jones,, your Halloween costume from Friedman’s is limited only by your imagination—Devil and Angel, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, American Gothic, just to scratch the surface (and that's just for adults). For kids, we have camo clothing, flight suits, flashlights, lightsticks and other stuff that works well for kids costumes—and kids' Halloween costumes from Friedman's make great play clothes when Halloween is over.

I'm sure I could go on forever but I'm probably boring you by come and visit sometime for whatever you need for the Great Outdoors....and a whole lot more!

We're conveniently located at 2101 21st Avenue, South in Hillsboro Village, about a mile towards town from the 21st Avenue exit of I-440....just look for the soldier on the sign. Come see us—we look forward to seeing you soon and often.

While we are not engaged in Internet sales, we are more than happy to ship you any item which you have bought in the past—just keep the model, style manufacturer's name and size (if applicable), and we will be glad to ship it to you for a nominal fee. Just remember, you have to come in to see the good stuff!

We're open 9:00--6:00 Monday thru Saturday and are closed Sunday.

Come visit us soon!

- Frank Friedman